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Abbass, Anne Akesuk, Saimaiyu (Dorset Fine Arts) Albrecht, Amber
Armstrong, David Scott Aston, Heather Ayre, Sally
Balfour, Barbara Baranowski-Lowden, Mary Bariteau, Nadine
Beaton, Pat Booth, Jilian Bourgeois, Lorene
Bovey, Mark Brotman, Yael Buchl Stephenson, Sarka
Buyers, Jane Cain, Wendy Carbert, Janice
Caulfield, Sean Chan, Wah-Wing Claus, Hannah
Cloutier, Paul Collett, Susan Cooper, Tara
Cowan, Rebecca Cowan, Victoria Cresswell, Kyla
Cunningham, Susan Curry, Karen


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You can also book an appointment for those dates to buy prints in person at Open Studio. Please note that due to the gallery closure, same day appointments may not be available. For appointments, contact our Print Sales Manager, Astrid Ho at sales@openstudio.ca or call 416-504-8238.

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Anne Dave Dyment Substitute City
Hot Anne Abbass
Price: $120.00
Substitute City by Dave Dyment
List Price: $200.00
Price: $200.00
© Anne Abbass, © Mary Baranowski-Lowden, 2016 © Dave Dyment, 2016
© Mary Baranowski-Lowden, 2016 © Mary Baranowski-Lowden, 2016 © Kyla Cresswell, 2015
© ;Sarka Buchl Stephenson, 2014 © Sarka Buchl Stephenson, 2014 © Sarka Buchl Stephenson, 2014
Synapse by Mark Bovey
Price: $1,000.00
© Sarka Buchl Stephenson, 2014 © Mark Bovey, 2014 © Mark Bovey, 2014