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Michelle Purchase's work depicts scenes where the boundaries between the natural and the built environment blur and fuse into magical spaces. She takes inspiration from all the various forms of nests, forts, and secret homes where creatures both large and small escape from the world around them. Currently she is working on incorporating "treehouses" into boats, kites, balloons, and other human creations that float in the natural environment. Purchase's work includes a mix of etchings, monoprints, and lithographs, created using various different techniques on Japanese washi. Recently she have been experimenting with wax and constructed prints, she hopes that by utilizing a few 3-dimensional features she can further pull the viewer into an alternate reality.

Michelle Purchase grew up in the forest in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. She went to university in Waterloo and Guelph where she studied geography, fine art, and landscape architecture but fell in love with printmaking and field botany. She currently lives in Kitchener, prints at Globe Studios, teaches college, and plays with her 2 year old daughter. Unfortunately she has never built a real treehouse.

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