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Image: Fragility to Resurrection, Shinsuke Minegishi, exhibition in Open Studio Print Sales Gallery, 2016.Save

Open Studio Print Sales Gallery

Welcome to the online home of Open Studio's Print Sales Gallery, selling original fine art prints by over
150 Canadian and international artists. Your purchase supports the artists and Open Studio, Canada’s leading
printmaking centre, a charitable, non-profit, artist run centre dedicated to the production, preservation and
promotion of contemporary original fine art prints.
Visit our Open Studio website for more information about our centre.

Use the menu on the left to browse artwork available for purchase. We are always adding new work,
so please visit often.

If you have any questions or for more information about the Print Sales Gallery or to set-up an appointment to
visit us in person, contact our Print Sales Manager or call 416-504-8238.

Check out this article on art buying in the Globe and Mail on Open Studio!
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<i>Surface Reader 4</i> by Morgan Wedderspoon <i>#636 (flop)</i>, Annyen Lam <i>Window Growth</i>, Annyen Lam
© Annyen Lam, 2017 © Annyen Lam, 2017
Anne <i>Made of Plastic #4</i>, Shogo Okada <i>Artist's Folding Instructions #8</i> by Walter Procska, 2016.
Hot Anne Abbass
Price: $120.00
© Anne Abbass, © Shogo Okada, 2016 © Walter Procska, 2016
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permission from the artist.