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Resolute I: 1949-08-28; 2013-08-15 by Leslie Reid
<i>Resolute I: 1949-08-28; 2013-08-15</i> by Leslie Reid

Price: $1,300.00
Artist: Leslie Reid
Medium / Year: photo-etching and chine collé, 2017
Edition: FP, edition of 3
Image Dimensions (inches) : 9" x 22"
Paper Dimensions (inches) : 22" x 30"

Quantity in Stock:1
Product Code: ART-FP-REL-695

© Leslie Reid, 2017, Printed by Emma Nishimura and Anna Gaby-Trotz under the auspices of the RCA (Royal Canadian Academy of Artists)/Open Studio Fellowship 2016.

Artist’s Statement
Leslie Reid's work has long explored the perceptual and psychological sensations evoked by the experience of a particular place. Her paintings and photographs bring together the sensory effects of light and space with the lived history of that place, often through references to family, and touch on those feelings of danger, refuge and survival that reside there. Her recent work from Northern Canada continues a long-standing exploration of the complex interrelationship between nature and culture, and remains interrelated through its focus on lived histories on the land and on the changes that occur over time: geopolitical, social and environmental.