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<i>Crete XLIX</I> by Judith Klugerman <i>Crete LI</i> by Judith Klugerman <i>Dandelion with flowers & ferns</i> by Bernice Sorge
By Judith Klugerman, 2011 By Judith Klugerman, 2011 © Bernice Sorge, 2011
<i>Fougere a l'autruche</i> by Bernice Sorge <i>Three Ferns</i> by Bernice Sorge <i>Can Can</i> by Victoria Cowan
© Bernice Sorge, 2011 © Bernice Sorge, 2011 © Victoria Cowan, 2010
<i>Foxtrot</i> by Victoria Cowan <i>Pastoral (Untitled Picturesque)</i> by Erik Edson <i>Masquerade #3</i> by Manuel Lau
© Victoria Cowan, 2010 By Erik Edson, 2009 © Manuel Lau, 2009
<i>Masquerade #5</i> by Manuel Lau <i>Floating Village Series# 11</i> by Loree Ovens <i>Ep&#232;riere Horentue (King Devil)</i> by Bernice Sorge
© Manuel Lau, 2009 © Loree Ovens, 2009 © Bernice Sorge, 2009
<i>Urban Chaos</i> by Pat Durr <i>Blue Tide: Off-Shore Evidence #2</i> by Doug Guildford <i>Blue Tide: Off-Shore Evidence #3</i> by Doug Guildford
© Pat Durr, 2008 © Doug Guildford, 2008 © Doug Guildford, 2008