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<i>for in/future 2016 </i> by Micah Lexier <i> Seeds </i> by Sarka Buchl Stephenson Dave Dyment Substitute City
Substitute City by Dave Dyment
List Price: $200.00
Price: $200.00
©Micah Lexier, 2016. Printed by Meggan Winsley. This artist is represented by Birch Contemporary.
© Sarka Buchl Stephenson, 2010 © Dave Dyment, 2016
Recollection #5 by Shogo Okada <i>A Most Exacting Standard</i> Sonya Filman <i>Paul</i> by Victor Romao
Paul by Victor Romao
Price: $250.00
© Shogo Okada, 2016 © Sonya Filman, 2015. © Victor Romao, 2014.
<i>Untitled</i> by Alex Bierk <i> Little White Shirt </i> by Sarka Buchl Stephenson <i>Radiance du Roche Elizabeth </i> by Chloe Beaulac
© Alex Bierk, 2015.This artist is represented by General Hardware. © Sarka Buchl Stephenson, 2016 © Chloe Beaulac, 2012.
<i>Cartographie de composition du Roche Elizabeth  </i> by Chloe Beaulac <i> Triangles - First Stage</i> by Walter Procska <i>Lines not Straight</i> Suzie Smith
© Chloe Beaulac, 2012. © Walter Procska, 2000 © Suzie Smith, 2012
<i>Playing Games Will Help You Grow</i> by Daryl Vocat <i>Traces Botanicals, Choke Cherry</i> Sally Ayre <i>Standing X</i> by Janice Carbert
© Daryl Vocat, 2002. ©Janice Carbert, 2004