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Dan O’Neill was born in Montreal, Quebec, in March 1955. Spending childhood and adolescence in the South shore town of Beloeil, he returned to the island in 1974, to accept a position as a junior paste up artist in a commercial graphic arts business and was later trained in house as an illustrator and designer, finishing his career with that firm as an assistant production manager for the art department in 1989. Accepted to the Ontario College of Art and Design in the same year, he enrolled to pursue a double major program in painting, drawing and printmaking, graduating with Honors in 1993. He then relocated to Halifax, Nova Scotia, enrolled for an undergraduate degree, graduating in 1994 with a BFA in Studio Art at NSCAD University.

He was then invited to begin teaching printmaking as sabbatical/sessional replacement faculty in 1995, and continued with that investment until enrolling in the MFA program in 1997 at NSCAD. He graduated from that program in 1999, and has continued teaching all levels and disciplines in printmaking and intermediate levels of drawing as a Regular Part Time Faculty member for the past twenty years. He has received national and provincial arts funding grants and recognition, and has work in national and provincial art banks and university art galleries respectively. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions of his work, most recently in a three-person exhibit with MSVU Art Gallery entitled Activist Ink, and at Dalhousie University Art Gallery in an exhibition entitled Locavore. He has been invited to participate on peer review committees for the Nova Scotia Arts Council Creation/Production grant program, and as a peer reviewer with NS Art Bank, both governed by the Nova Scotia Arts Council.

Most recently, O'Neill has achieved a noteworthy professional, provincial designation conferred by Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council, earning an Established Artist Recognition Award in 2011. Further honors were obtained as a result of a major purchase of a lithography/print installation entitled "Miserere Crucifragment", acquired by Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery in 2012, with acquisition funding gathered from the Robert Pope Foundation and the Canada Council Acquisitions program. He currently has twenty-three print based works in the MSVU Art Gallery collection.

His core artistic operation occurs in lithography, although he maintains an active and experimental cross-disciplinary art practice that centers on drawing, painting, writing and collage. He forages for images from the public domain for use in his work, with collage being his primary method for gathering notation and for forwarding concept development for lithography and other media. He lives and works in Halifax Nova Scotia.

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<i>Blue Eatonia - Sewing Machine</i> by Dan O'Neill <i>Blue Eatonia - Vega Farm Creamer</i> by Dan O'Neill <i>Blue Eatonia - Old Honesty Kitchen Wood Stove</i> by Dan O'Neill
© Dan O'Neill, 2012 © Dan O'Neill, 2012 © Dan O'Neill, 2012
<i>Blue Eatonia - Dry Mop Head</i> by Dan O'Neill <i>Blue Eatonia - Bicycle</i> by Dan O'Neill <i>Blue Eatonia - Pocket Watch</i> by Dan O'Neill
© Dan O'Neill, 2012 © Dan O'Neill, 2012 © Dan O'Neill, 2012
<i>Blue Eatonia - ACME Clothes Washer</i> by Dan O'Neill <i>Paintball Sunflowers</i> by Dan O'Neill <i>Paintball Mona</i> by Dan O'Neill
© Dan O'Neill, 2012 © Dan O'Neill, 2010 © Dan O'Neill, 2010
<i>Paintball Supper</i> by Dan O'Neill
© Dan O'Neill, 2012