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About the Artist

Isabelle Hémard’s work is deeply influenced by her upbringing in France, surrounded by history, culture and man-made beauty. Hémard studied visual Arts in the beautiful city of Rouen where she woke up every morning to the picturesque view of Monet’s beloved cathedral. Hémard now resides in Toronto and is a member of Open Studio.

Hémard’s latest work Love Lace is inspired by the French trousseau tradition. A trousseau is a collection of objects such as a monogrammed tablecloth, linen, silver fork, or napkin ring that are kept by a young French woman while she lives at home to be used after marriage. These objects were seen as a sign of personal wealth, a reflection of history and culture and a family record. Love Lace is about finding this feeling of belonging to a family, and it is also the product of one’s constant search for happiness and fulfillment in a foreign country, where your sense of belonging has been removed. Repetitions of patterns are created from a Mylar stencil. The layers of colour and cutout shapes help to produce positive and negative spaces similar to those in French lace. Ultimately, Hémard’s compulsive repetition further emphasizes this fervent search for belonging.

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<i>Coeur Ficel&#233; II</i> by Isabelle H&#233;mard <i>Coeur Ficel&#233; III</i> by Isabelle H&#233;mard <i>Coeur Ficel&#233; V</i> by Isabelle H&#233;mard
© Isabelle Hémard, 2014 © Isabelle Hémard, 2014 © Isabelle Hémard, 2014
<i>Coeur Ficel&#233; VI</i> by Isabelle H&#233;mard <i>Growing Love</i> by Isabelle H&#233;mard <i>Love Lace: Heart's Vortex I</i> by Isabelle H&#233;mard
© Isabelle Hémard, 2014 © Isabelle Hémard, 2014 © Isabelle Hémard, 2014
<i>Love Lace: Heart's Vortex II</i> by Isabelle H&#233;mard <i>Slice of My Heart</i> by Isabelle H&#233;mard Linocut and goldleaf
Golden Years I, Isabelle Hémard, linocut, goldleaf 4/6
List Price: $1,000.00
Price: $1,000.00
© Isabelle Hémard, 2014 © Isabelle Hémard, 2016 Isabelle Hémard, 2016