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About the Artist

Judith Klugerman’s work often recalls in an abstract way the colours and textures of places that she has visited. These images engraved in her memory are re-invented in her etchings, print tapestries and paintings. They crop up as overlapping layers of colour, subtle linear markings and traces of poetry. Drawing has continually been a part of Klugerman’s work, linear elements appearing in most of her art. Lines structure the surface, whether outlining an area or creating movement, such as in the tapestry weavings that undulate across and down gallery walls. Her prints, wall pieces or paintings, do not change much from one to the next. Colours, shapes and lines may repeat from previous works so that the viewer may move easily from one work to the next, as if turning the pages of a book.

Judith Klugerman is a Canadian artist, born in Hungary, living and working in Montreal. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, a Diploma in Art Education and a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Concordia University, Montreal. She is a printmaker, mixed media artist, painter and art educator. Recently she curated exhibits by the Canadian-Hungarian Artists Collective shown in Canada and Hungary. Klugerman has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Canada, Europe, China, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Hong Kong and the United States. A review of her latest solo exhibit appeared in the art publication "esse, arts & opinions", autumn 2012. Judith Klugerman's works are in major public and private collections.

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<i>Danube IX</i> by Judith Klugerman <i>Crete LV</i> by Judith Klugerman <i>Danube IV</i> by Judith Klugerman
By Judith Klugerman, 2013 By Judith Klugerman, 2012 By Judith Klugerman, 2012
<i>Crete XLIX</I> by Judith Klugerman <i>Crete LI</i> by Judith Klugerman <i>Crete XXXIII</I> by Judith Klugerman
By Judith Klugerman, 2011 By Judith Klugerman, 2011 By Judith Klugerman, 2009
<i>Crete XVII</I> by Judith Klugerman <i>Crete XXIX</i> by Judith Klugerman <i>Crete XIV</i> by Judith Klugerman
By Judith Klugerman, 2008 By Judith Klugerman, 2008 By Judith Klugerman, 2007
<i>Synchronism XXIV</I> by Judith Klugerman <i>Crete XLIV</i> by Judith Klugerman <i>Crete XL</I> by Judith Klugerman
By Judith Klugerman, 2004 By Judith Klugerman, 2010 By Judith Klugerman, 2010