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About the Artist

Liz Menard is inspired by nature and the landscape. Menard’s recent body of work focused on Toronto’s Don River. She explored manufactured structures (bridges, factories and overpasses), native plant and animal species, and the invasive species that increasingly threaten the inhabitants of these spaces. Preserving and sustaining environmental biodiversity is important to Menard and is a recurring theme in her work. Menard works on Western paper, Japanese paper and textiles. Although these papers and textiles appear fragile, they are strong and resilient – the same qualities that Menard hopes continue to exist in the subjects that inspire her.

Menard has exhibited in Canada, the US, Europe and Japan. Menard has received numerous grants and awards including Open Studio's Nick Novak Fellowship. Her work has been written about in The Globe & Mail (2013, 2011), Toronto Star (2009), TO Live With Culture (2011) and published in Art of the Book (2013), Jumelage (2013), Canadian Juried Landscape Exhibition (2012), Around the Frayed Edges (2010) and The World Washi Summit (2008). Menard’s work is in public and private collections including the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, Bank of Montreal, Rogers, Toronto Region Conservation Authority, City of Toronto and Japanese Paper Place.

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<i>Lower Don River - footbridge at Queen Street East</i>, Liz Menard, 2015, etching, aquatint on paper Liz Menard, Missing Passenger, 2015, 2/7, Screenprint, 150$ <i>Buttermilk Falls, Haliburton</i>, Liz Menard, 2013, etching, aquatint on paper, 3/10 V.E.
Missing Passenger by Liz Menard
List Price: $150.00
Price: $150.00
By Liz Menard, 2015 By Liz Menard, 2015 By Liz Menard, 2013
ART-<i>Climbing Nightshade II (Solanum Dulcamara)</i> by Liz Menard <i>Common Mullein - Verbascum thapsus</i>, Liz Menard, 2012, etching, Inshu Gampi chine coll&eacute; on paper, pastel, hand-stitched French knots, 4/4 V.E. <i>Balsam Lake - Delamere Island</i> by Liz Menard
By Liz Menard, 2012 By Liz Menard, 2012 By Liz Menard, 2008
<i>Blue Flag Iris</i> by Liz Menard <i>Amaryllis I</i> by Liz Menard <i>Deadly Nightshade II (Solanum dulcamara)</i> by Liz Menard
By Liz Menard, 2007 By Liz Menard, 2006 By Liz Menard, 2012
<i>Algoma District - Worton Township</i> by Liz Menard <i>Near the End of the Booth Rock Trail</i> by Liz Menard <i>Wasteland and the City #8</i> by Liz Menard
By Liz Menard By Liz Menard By Liz Menard
<i>Under the Cedars</i> by Liz Menard <i>Lower Don River Overpass</i> by Liz Menard <i>Pods</i> by Liz Menard
Pods by Liz Menard
Price: $150.00
By Liz Menard By Liz Menard By Liz Menard