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Locating Memory IV / V by Emma Nishimura
<i>Locating Memory IV / V</i> by Emma Nishimura

Price: $2,400.00
Artist: Emma Nishimura
Medium / Year: archival pigment print and photogravure on gampi with paper cutting and thread, framed, 2014
Edition: Edition of 2, Varied Edition
Image Dimensions (inches) : 10.25 x 41 in.
Paper Dimensions (inches) : 16.75 x 47.25 in. paper; 18 x 49 x 2 in. framed

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Product Code: NE-ATO-073

© Emma Nishimura, 2014

Locating Memory is a series of work that focuses on the complicated experiences my paternal grandparents endured throughout their internment as Japanese Canadians in the Second World War. Exploring the relationships and interactions between the sites where these experiences occurred and the stories and memories themselves, the work investigates the different forms and incarnations that memory can take. Moments are recreated and a landscape is revisited; yet nothing is exactly as it was. Traces of memory can be found, links to forgotten places are established, while voids and absences investigate the fragments and silences of what has been left unsaid or forgotten.