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About the Artist

Through intaglio, monotype prints and mixed media works Tammy Ratcliff finds a means to explore her continued fascination with the natural world—its strength and beauty—while drawing attention to the imperfections and impermanence of all living things. The 'perfect' asymmetry in nature, the odd shaped spaces between branches or the awkward curl of one petal on a flower is where her curiosity takes root. The process and materials are as important to Ratcliff’s work as the subject matter, and it is her hope to create pieces that convey a sense of calm, place and nostalgia.

Tammy Ratcliff was born in Toronto in 1966. She studied printmaking at BealArt in London, Ontario and has been printing since her first class in 1990. After leaving school, she opened a small print studio and gallery, which she ran for seven years with a fellow printmaker, Ryan Price, in downtown Guelph. She lives in Guelph with her family and works in her own studio amongst the diverse artistic community in the Trafalgar Building. Her work has shown extensively in group and solo shows, most recently at Renann Isaacs Contemporary Art in Guelph, AWOL Gallery in Toronto for Printopolis, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre and with Open Studio for Art Toronto. She was awarded third prize in Open Studio's National Printmaking Awards in 2010 and has travelled with her work, notably to residencies at Frans Masereel Centrum in Belgium and Spark Box Studios in Picton, Ontario. Her work is included in numerous private, public and corporate collections including the Dan Donovan Collection, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Ernst & Young and Cambridge Galleries.

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<i>Red Feather Leaves</i>, Tammy Ratcliff <i>golden bush</i> by Tammy Ratcliff <i>softly, softly, tripping</i> by Tammy Ratcliff
© Tammy Ratcliff, 2016 © Tammy Ratcliff, 2014 © Tammy Ratcliff, 2014
<i>Nerines and Dots</i> by Tammy Ratcliff <i>Hanging Garden</i> by Tammy Ratcliff <i>Dark Crabapple</i> by Tammy Ratcliff
© Tammy Ratcliff, 2013 © Tammy Ratcliff, 2013 © Tammy Ratcliff, 2013
<i>White Lily</i> by Tammy Ratcliff <i>Arrangement no. 246</i> by Tammy Ratcliff <i>Arrangement no. 209</i> by Tammy Ratcliff
© Tammy Ratcliff, 2013 © Tammy Ratcliff, 2013 © Tammy Ratcliff, 2013
<i>Arrangement #222</i> by Tammy Ratcliff Dark freesia by Tammy Ratcliff <i>Arrangement #223</i> by Tammy Ratcliff
© Tammy Ratcliff, 2013 © Tammy Ratcliff,2013 © Tammy Ratcliff, 2013
<i>Small branch (right)</i> by Tammy Ratcliff <i>Nerine with Stripe</i> by Tammy Ratcliff <i>Red Branch</i> by Tammy Ratcliff
© Tammy Ratcliff, 2011 © Tammy Ratcliff © Tammy Ratcliff