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About the Artist

Perception, cognition and memory are Victoria Cowan’s particular areas of interest. She attests that art offers us all a fresh perspective, and it is not only the viewer who experiences this. While producing work, the artist can suddenly be transfixed by a new aspect of an idea as a result of his/her continually probing gaze and technique. Ultimately, the work is formed through the interaction between artist, viewer and materials, and it is renewed every time the work is looked at.

Whether making original prints, artists’ books or collages, many of Cowan’s new works are created through her previous work — a new print may begin with the ‘ghost’ image of a previous one; a collage may include parts of an earlier design; a folded print may become a page in a book. Everything is connected. Everything is made fresh.

Victoria Cowan, a graduate of Concordia University and the Ontario College of Art & Design, is a widely travelled, award-winning artist and gifted instructor. She has been accepted into residency programs both in Europe and the USA. A faculty member at the Haliburton School of the Arts, Victoria is also regularly asked to teach and to act as a juror for many arts organizations in Ontario. An experimental and productive artist, her work can be seen at Open Studio, The Ethel Curry Gallery, Latitude 44 Gallery and the Gore Bay Museum.

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<i>Out of the Blue</i> by Victoria Cowan <i>Can Can</i> by Victoria Cowan <i>Foxtrot</i> by Victoria Cowan
© Victoria Cowan, 2016
© Victoria Cowan, 2010 © Victoria Cowan, 2010
<i>Borderlands II</i> by Victoria Cowan <i>Cosmos III</i> by Victoria Cowan <i>Evolutions IV</i> by Victoria Cowan
© Victoria Cowan © Victoria Cowan © Victoria Cowan
<i>Questions About Landscape I - Imagination</i> by Victoria Cowan <i>Replication Series: Spirals</i> by Victoria Cowan <i>Replication Series: Branching</i> by Victoria Cowan
© Victoria Cowan © Victoria Cowan © Victoria Cowan
<i>Beauties of Science - Evaluation</i> by Victoria Cowan <i>Stitching Time</i> by Victoria Cowan <i>Quadratic Escape</i> by Victoria Cowan
© Victoria Cowan © Victoria Cowan By Victoria Cowan, 2010